Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hawaii Day 1: Airport Food & Late Night Dining

Drinks and snacks at Stinger Ray's at the Honolulu Airport:

This morning we took off from Seattle with all the Dembiczak family, on our way to Hilo, Hawaii for our wedding. We ended up with a couple hour layover in Honolulu, so we all made our way over to the smaller Stinger Ray's restaurant (in the interisland terminal) to grab some food and drinks. It's become a tradition for Dan & I, and we wanted to share it with his family.

Even though we were fed pasta on the flight, we were still a bit hungry and went for some chicken quesadillas. And I indulged in a delicious Macadamia Mania cocktail - which is a Pina Colada with Macadamia Nut Liqueur added.

The second leg of the trip from Honolulu to Hilo was quick and easy, and we all checked into the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel. While everyone else hung out by the pool, Dan & I decided to grab a cocktail at the hotel bar. I went for the classic Mai Tai, while Dan wanted something lighter - and got a vodka soda.

We regrouped with everyone later for a late dinner at Uncle Billy's - a restaurant in the Hilo Bay Hotel next door to ours. I ordered a Tropical Itch, which comes with a bamboo back scratcher.

Then I had the scallops and pasta for dinner, though I traded some scallops for shrimp with my nephew Blake.

And Dan ordered the surf & turf, which included a mac nut crusted mahi mahi as the 'surf' portion - which he said was good (but not as good as when I make it).

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