Monday, August 18, 2008

Vegas Day 2

We ended up sleeping in late to nurse our intergalactic hangovers, and finally made our way down to the Planet Hollywood's 24 hour diner: Planet Dailies.

We started with some Soda (for Dan - $2.75) and Fresh Orange Juice (for me - $5.50). Although they serve limited breakfast options 24 hours a day, nothing available sounded good, so we went for sandwiches. Dan had the Ham & Cheese Sandwich w/ Fries ($12.50), and I had the equally high priced Turkey Club w/ Fries ($12.50).

For dinner, we decided to revisit one our other favorite spots - a specific outpost of the La Salsa Cantina chain, located in the upper level of the Luxor Pyramid. Last year our visit to Vegas landed right smack dab during Cinco de Mayo (and the Kentucky Derby, and a Dela Hoya fight), and we stayed at the Luxor. During one of our two visits to the Cantina, a Mariachi band wandered into the hotel, serenading the crowd - which we watched from above while sipping giant margaritas. We made the long trek there, anticipating an icy cool margarita, some spicy salsa, and a tasty dinner, only to find it fell victim to the neverending churn that is Las Vegas. It was walled off, apparently being replaced.

Disappointed and thirsty, we made our way back through the Excalibur, and decided to give Gonzalez Y Gonzalez at New York New York a second chance (our last experience was very bad due to the rude service). Hoping for the best we ordered a couple of their Perfect Patron Margaritas ($10.00 each), Dan ordered the 2 Item Combination Plate ($11.95) and I chose the Shrimp Tacos ($13.95). After the first margarita, I was still parched, so I opted for a Lemonade ($2.95).

Perhaps it was our disappointment and our apprehension, but we found the restaurant a bit too dark, the service abrupt, the food somewhat boring, and we felt rushed. But the margaritas were tasty - even if tequila afficianados would scoff at the use of Petron in a margarita.

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