Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ahi Sushi Katsu & Coconut Shrimp

Today we went to Macy's to spend the rest of a gift certificate we received, as well as some kickback money from our wedding registry. Macy's is truly a great experience for registering for wedding gifts, and getting money to spend as a thank you for other people buying gifts for us was pretty great. Between the two, we had over $100 to spend. We made up a wish list before we went, then walked around pricing things to get an idea of what we could buy. In the end, we picked up a bamboo steamer (to replace the one I lit on fire), a stainless spoon rest (to make cleanup easier), and most exciting of all: a brand new Delonghi deep fryer!

It's been less than a year since we bought the Fry Daddy, but I found it boiled over to easily and could only do small batches. With plans for deep fried dinner, and plans to make fried chicken for 13 people next weekend, it seemed like a good use of our gift cards.

To break it in, we made coconut shrimp, and ahi sushi katsu... which was the first thing we fried with our Fry Daddy. The Delonghi has a significantly bigger capacity, several temperature settings, a basket, a removable oil basin with a spigot for draining the cooled oil, and a cover with a window and a filter. I was able to make the food faster, more precisely, and with less oil filling the house... not to mention, no boil-over. I love it, and I can't wait to make big batches of fried chicken for my in-laws on Super Bowl Sunday.

We also had some pie for dessert, as Dan was craving Lemon Meringue. I went for a slice of pumpkin, and had a bit more of the malted milk ice cream with it.

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