Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ham & Bacon Mac & Cheese

Despite having mac & cheese last night at Jack's birthday party, we decided to make it again tonight, with a twist. We were inspired by the ham & bacon mac & cheese at The Deluxe Bar & Grill, which we had during the snowstorm.

We started with our usual recipe, using 1 cup each of Extra Sharp Cheddar and Medium Gouda from Golden Glen Creamery, but added cubed, smoked ham hock to the pasta before pouring on the cheese sauce. Then, in addition to the panko bread crumbs, we topped the dish with some of the last of the bacon* we bought from Culinary Communion's 'Swinery'.

The hock was a bit chewy, and I could've used more bacon on top, but the final product was good. The cheeses were strongly flavored and scented, and held their own against the pork products.

(*I was excited to read that Culinary Communion will be making their pork products available at the Ballard Farmers Market beginning next Sunday, January 25th. If the speed at which their bacon sold previously, they're going to be a hot commodity at the market.)

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