Thursday, February 19, 2009

Emergency Pizza Hut

As I wrote about in the past, having one free night a week where a meal isn't planned, and being flexible about moving days around, can be really vital. Tonight, I ended up at work until nearly 6, and still had to swing by another of our buildings to drop off my FryDaddy to someone who bought it, then go by Uwajimaya to get vermicelli noodles, cucumber, and thai chilies for our dinner plan. All that was bad enough, but Dan tried to get ahold of me and my text back to him didn't go through, leaving him worried... and I was having muscle cramps in my chest, arms, and back that were overwhelming me.

So tonight we didn't make Vietnamese Pork and Vermicelli. Dan picked me up at the store, brought me home to try to stretch the pain away, and we ordered some pizza. We tried to order from the Domino's Pizza that's 6 blocks from our house, but their web site said they would only do Carry out for our address. Weird that they wouldn't deliver to a house so close, but I figure it's probably a flaw with their web site or something. Regardless, Pizza Hut got our business this go 'round.


greg w said...

I have never seen a photo of a Pizza Hut pizza look so good. Did you take the photo?

what's cookin', good lookin'? said...

Yep - that's all me. Sometimes I'm surprised I can take a decent photo with a headache, but I guess my camera does most of the work.