Friday, February 20, 2009

Frugal Fridays: Piroshki on 3rd

For today's Frugal Friday, I was excited to try out a new restaurant that opened on 3rd Avenue, between Cherry & Columbia. Thanks to the Light Rail construction on Capitol Hill (or rather the future light rail construction on Capitol Hill), we have a new Piroshki place downtown. My bus drops me right in front of it, so I've been eagerly awaiting their opening. When I peeked in the window recently, I saw that nearly all their piroshkis are $4.45 before tax, and having eaten them before, I knew they'd make a great lunch.

With dozens of varieties to choose from - from beef and cabbage to pepperoni pizza, all in different shapes - I had a hard time choosing. But the woman who works there is friendly and helpful, letting all of us in line know which were fresh out of the oven. There are a few piroshki that run a bit more ($4.65 plus tax), like the smoked salmon & cream cheese one, but that's still a great deal.

But sticking to my rules, I went for the Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese piroshki - a wonderfully browned, egg-washed & shiny dough pocked filled with, well, chicken, broccoli & cheese.

(Frugal Fridays is a weekly series dedicated to finding Seattle lunch spots where you can walk in with a $5 bill and walk out with a fulfilling, preferably healthy, lunch. If you have suggestions of places in the Seattle area with a great lunch for under $5 after tax, post a comment - I'd love the help.)

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