Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ahi, Sweet Potatoes, and Chard

For dinner tonight, I tried to be a little fancier than we've been lately, since we finally made it back to the farmers market and aren't having quick meals every night.

Dan made some mashed Okinawan sweet potatoes, which I towered up using a biscuit cutter. Then I cooked some rainbow chard, and piled the greens on top of the potatoes, and scattered the colorful chunks of the stems all around the tower. I seasoned & seared some ahi tuna, leaving the centers a bright red, making this a very colorful dinner - which translates to a variety of vitamins. The meal was bright in flavor, too, and the freshness of the ingredients was wonderful.

I only wish I hadn't made the plate look so messy by sprinkling on some soy sauce & sesame oil.

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