Friday, September 25, 2009

I Missed You Margarita

After a month of eschewing alcohol*, tonight I was able to return to drinking the occasional cocktail, so Dan & I went to El Sombrero so I could get a big silly margarita - something I missed out on during our recent Vegas trip.

I was so excited for Mexican food and a non-virgin margarita that we left the house without the camera. Perhaps it was the return of the El Sombrero curse?

We shared a couple dishes, one inspired by a dish on Top Chef. Dan & I realized we never order mole, so we decided to try out the chicken mole - which we both really liked. We also got chipotle prawns, which is always delicious.

*For the worried or just plain curious, I had a physical last month and at the time had higher than normal levels of one liver enzyme. The cause could be any number of things, but my Doctor suggested we retest in a month, during which time I would not drink alcohol. I also stopped taking any migraine medication or over-the-counter pain meds, to eliminate any possible impact of those - since I'd had to take both less than a week prior to my physical, and the literature I read suggested there was a potential impact on liver enzymes. I'm happy to report that the retest came back normal.

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