Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pumpkin Birthday

To celebrate my birthday today, I did a little experimenting in the kitchen last night - adding pumpkin puree (yes, out of a can) plus fresh grated ginger & nutmeg, and plenty of cinnamon, to my classic pâte à choux recipe. I had intended to pipe chocolate ganache inside - but my chocolate seized up. Dan walked in and asked if I used bourbon in the recipe, and it sparked the idea to make a Maker's Mark icing.

Sadly, the lines of white icing melted into the puffs by morning, leaving them glazed and sweet, but not as bourbony and not as pretty. I dubbed the Pumpkin Bourbon Sticky Puffs, and they seemed to be a hit with my coworkers.

Later in the day, a coworker hooked me up with a decaf soy pumpkin spice latte, which was warm and wonderful.

After work, Dan picked me up in the car (a special treat for us bus/light rail commuters) and we went to El Sombrero for a Mujer and some Tacos al Pastor (which for some crazy reason I'd not yet tried). Afterwards, we hit the PCC and I picked out a dessert: a mini pumpkin pie, because I can't get enough of pumpkin this time of year.

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