Friday, November 13, 2009

Red Robin et un chien Andalusian

My pal FB from Same Same But Different called the other night to wish me a happy birthday, and to offer to take Dan & I to see The Pixies tonight. I never had the chance to see them back in the day, and it was quite a treat to see them after all these years. They sound great (even if these days I have to wear ear plugs at the show), and the show was a lot of fun - though this old man came rolling home at a very late MIDNIGHT, and was wrecked the next day.

Before the show, Dan & I hit Red Robin, which happens to be just a few doors down from where FB and her husband JJ live. We didn't call for them to join us, because it's been made clear the level of disdain they have for their avian neighbor. Based on this visit, I can't argue much (my salmon burger was a little dry and not very flavorful), but I still love a chain restaurant and the many good experiences at Red Robin will keep me going back - but maybe steering clear of the salmon burger.

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johnny said...

....I was n town and almost worked that show.....hope it was fun...