Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's More About What We Ate BEFORE The Frozen Pizza

Dan & I met up with Ruth after work for a drink and a little nibble at Oliver's. We had some of the complimentary taquitos, but then ordered some chorizo stuffed dates and a duck cake (like a crab cake, but made with duck). The dates were delicious, and the duck cake wasn't bad - though it wasn't 'ducky' at all. In fact, Ruth & I both forgot what it was, because it didn't have a distinct duck flavor that set it apart from salmon or crab cakes. It might have been anything, so we weren't as enthusiastic about it as the chorizo dates, which we easily could have snacked on all evening.

Afterward, we hit Kress market downtown and Dan picked up a frozen pizza to take home, then we grabbed the light rail to Othello and Ruth grabbed a bus home to West Seattle.

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