Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thai Massage & Thai Recipe Take-Out

After another wonderfully relaxing acupuncture & Thai massage treatment by Eric Spivack of Soaring Crane Massage on Beacon Hill, Dan picked me up and we stopped by Thai Recipe (at the corner of McClellan & Rainier Ave S) for some take out.

When I mentioned to Eric where we were going for dinner, he reacted like most people do when Thai Recipe comes up: smiles and statements of how great it is.

Thai Recipe is tucked into a little strip mall with a Domino's Pizza, a Hair Salon, and an empty storefront (formerly a wedding supply shop), sharing an awkward parking lot with all of them - plus the Schuck's Auto Supply. But despite the humble location, the food and service are outstanding, and well worth any jockeying required to get a parking spot.

They don't do delivery, but the amount of to-go orders I've witnessed (my own included) seems a testament to just how good the food is, and how quickly they're able to have it ready. We popped in tonight, took a couple minutes to decide what we wanted (Soft Prawn Rolls, Chicken Showering Rama, and Prawn Pad Thai) and it was ready for us in about ten minutes. Seriously. Ten minutes. While we waited, I flipped through a copy of a big Asian foods book that always keeps my attention during the short wait with information on galangal uses and storage techniques for tamarind blocks.

Despite the sometimes constant flow of customers in and out for take-out orders, the small staff remain quick, courteous and kind - making sure everyone is taken care of promptly, while creating a very relaxing atmosphere.

When we got home, our food was (as always) beautiful and delicious. They have a rare, if not unique ability to cook and pack up to-go orders so that they don't lose any of their quality on the drive home. Temperatures and textures (even with fried foods!) lose nothing in the short trip home, the colors remain bright and appetizing.

And of course, the food is just as good as it looks.

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