Monday, February 15, 2010

Cashew-Cashew Chicken

For a quick and easy Monday night dinner (since I have to work on President's Day), I made up Cashew Chicken using the recipe we've used before from Quick and Easy Thai Cuisine

As usual, I overloaded the recipe with cashews.

The Quick & Easy series is really, really great, and lives up to it's name. The recipes use a limited number of ingredients, simple prep, and most cook in a few minutes. We've bought the Thai and Chinese versions, and both have become some of our most used cookbooks. We've also given copies of the Thai and Korean versions as gifts. I really can't recommend them enough, and if you're looking for new ideas for weeknight meals that you can throw together quickly after a long day at work, these are a great resource. In fact, I may just but another one or two now. Maybe Korean?

I also just picked up a copy of a similarly titled cookbook - Quick and Easy Chinese: 70 Everday Recipes. It's one in another series that appears to include Vietnamese and Thai, so I'm eager to give the recipes a try and maybe discover another great resource.

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