Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hawaii Day 1: Tsunami 2010

We woke up this morning to the news that Chili had a huge earthquake, and Hawai`i was on tsunami watch. Our timing was impeccable. So impeccable that we landed in Honolulu just as the first of the tsunami hit Hilo. From the Kona Brewing Co. restaurant in the Honolulu Airport, we watched as the water receded and then returned in Hilo Bay on the TV screens - while sipping mai tais and munching on some kalua pig nachos.

Thankfully, this tsunami turned out to be nothing more than a meter or so of water, not the destructive wall of water that killed 30 people back in 1960.

We then boarded our flight to Kona, and enjoyed a complimentary cup of POG (passion-orange-guava-high fructose corn syrup drink).

After arriving at the Kona airport and sorting out the rental car, we checked in and made our way down to Don's Mai Tai Bar in our hotel (if you wondered why we stay at the Royal Kona, wonder no more).

I indulged in a 'flight' of mai tais, featuring 4 mini variations: Green Flash, Topless, Original, and Volcanic. All were tasty, but the Topless was my favorite. It featured coconut rum and no dark rum floater (thus, topless).

Later, we grabbed dinner at Lulu's, across Ali'i Drive from our hotel.

We ordered a mahi-mahi sandwich and a tuna salad sandwich, both of which were decent - but their burgers keep us going back.

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