Monday, March 1, 2010

Hawaii Day 3: Avocado Bread, Grass Fed Beef, and Raw Quail Egg

Yesterday, we picked up some sweet breads from a bake sale at Hale Okane, the sacred grounds of the Kealaokamalamalama Church. It's an odd little plot of perfectly groomed, fenced in land right on the main drag of Kona. You're normally not allowed to step foot on the land, but apparently church bake sales are an exception. We went for Avocado Bread and Mango Bread - both in the style of a banana bread, and this morning we had a slice for breakfast. The avocado bread was good, though it didn't have that distinct of an avocado flavor.

After breakfast, we headed up the coast and ended up in Hawi, where we sought out a little tiki bar called Luke's Place that we spotted when we were here last summer.

The front of the restaurant has a British Colonial vibe, but around the corner is a full fledged tiki bar. The staff were really friendly, and the food was amazing. We both went for burgers made from local, grass-fed beef that were perfectly cooked, moist, and flavorful.

Back in Kona, we popped into Huggo's On the Rocks again, and I had a 'Polynesian Passion' cocktail - essentially a Chi-Chi with Lilikoi syrup.

When dinner rolled around, we got a little dressed up and went looking for Fujimama's - only to discover it closed. So we returned to Wasabi's instead, and although it's not as fancy as Fujimama's was, we weren't disappointed.

I started off with a Blue Lagoon cocktail, and we noshed on boiled peanuts.

We ordered four rolls for dinner, all of which were great.

We started with the classic spider roll, which is a favorite of both Dan & I and something we invariably order.

Next, we had spicy scallop rolls served in a little boat.

We followed that with a 'Crazy' roll - though I can't recall what was crazy about it.

Much crazier was the 'Sunshine' roll that finished up our meal. It was a roll wrapped in tuna, and topped with both a sizable heap of uni (sea urchin gonads) and a quail egg, raw. That roll was really all about texture, and I was surprised to find that the uni didn't overpower it.

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