Friday, March 5, 2010

Hawaii Day 7: New Favorite Cocktail, Seaside Lunch, Bongo 2, and Crazy Shave Ice

After a light breakfast and some great snorkeling (Dan swam with a turtle!) we headed back to the hotel for some lunch.

I'd been eying a drink on the cocktail menu for a few days, and decided to give it a try. The "Put The Lime In Don Coconut" - Coconut Infused Rum, Citrus Vodka, Lime Juice and Sparkling Water - is now my official new favorite drink. Light, refreshing, with subtle pina colada-like flavors without the (300-700 calories).

Trying to stick to lighter fare, I went for an Ahi Sandwich w/ mango salsa and ginger aioli (okay, aioli isn't light, nor were the sweet potato fries that came with it - but they are better for you than potato fries).

Dan got his Kalua Pig fix with a tasty Quesadilla.

Later on, we headed back over to Bongo Ben's because we knew they had a variety of salads on the menu, which sounded perfect.

I ordered the Southwest Chicken Salad - which wouldn't been light, had it not been HUGE. Dan opted for a Cobb salad, which was similarly proportioned.

Afterward, we crossed back over to the Shave Ice stand outside Huggo's On the Rocks, and selected from over 100 flavors. Given the variety, I opted for some of the flavors listed as 'Odd': Hazelnut, Pistachio and Horchata. My logic was that the underlying nuttiness of the horchata (and obvious nuttiness of the other two) would tie them together. The owner of the stand took a moment to make up a fresh batch of a couple of the flavors, paused to decide the best order, and then made up my treat, dividing the horchata and hazelnut with a big green stripe of pistachio.

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