Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar Night!

It may be our first night back in Seattle, but it's also Oscar night - so we actually planned to make sure we were home with plenty of time to enjoy them with Dan's sister and her friend Alissa in our Tiki Bar.

We started the evening off with Blue Margaritas Dan mixed up for everyone.

Lisa whipped up her famous Mexican Haystack - a layered dip perfect with tortilla chips.

And Alissa brought some delicious homemade guacamole - giving me even more reasons to load up my plate.

And she tried out a great new shrimp recipe. Everything was so great we filled up before dinner, so we waited until the last hour of the awards for our main course.

For my contribution to the evenings meal, I made up some pork tacos served buffet style.

And to finish off the night, I made some brownies using almond Mexican chocolate, topped with a tequila-lime creme and dusted with cinnamon.

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