Monday, April 12, 2010

Flying Squirrel Pizza Exception(al)

After work today my friend Jeff came through town with his wife, Karyn, and their four year old son, Max. They live in Portland these days (previously California and New Zealand), and I hadn't seen Jeff in over a decade. Although a lot has changed in both our lives, Jeff's the same great, funny guy I remember... and I swear he hasn't aged a single day, like a vampire.

After showing them around our place and having a drink in the tiki bar, we loaded up and headed to Flying Squirrel Pizza for dinner.

I know, I know - I made a promise to not eat out in April at any restaurant I've been to before, but when you've got out of town guests, including a little one, trying out someplace unknown doesn't seem appropriate. So we made an exception - cuz what kid doesn't love pizza, and who doesn't love pizza covered in pulled pork? Considering Jeff used to host 'Porkfest', it seemed like a good bet.

Although they couldn't accommodate Max's desire for a strawberry lemonade, the great folks at Flying Squirrel did make him a special cheese bread with pepperoni - and treated us just as warmly as they always do.

The adults shared two pies - one #5 (the aforementioned pulled pork pizza - $19.50) and one Charles (a classic combo of pepperoni, sausage, olives, & mushrooms - $20), and Jeff nibbled the cheesy bits off the cheese bread Max didn't finish. Everything was exceptionally good, as always, and Jeff even posted "I love the #5 at Flying Squirrel Pizza" on his Facebook account. I didn't try it myself, but apparently the cheese bread is underrated - and I may just have to give it a try next time... next month.

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