Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kalua Pig Pizza & Peeps Saturday

Tonight we had our neighbors - Mathew, Mark & Peter - and our friends FP and JJ (from Same Same But Different Travel) over for drinks and bar food in our tiki bar & lounge, Ke Ala 'Ula.

Along with some pineapple, mango, strawberries and Spam sliders, we enjoyed some Kalua pig pizza (margherita frozen pizza topped with Kalua pig and a little extra mozzarella). We also snacked on Sriracha peas that FP brought over - to which I'm now officially addicted.

By a crazy coincidence, both sets of guests brought Peeps dioramas as gifts - so it was decided that the day between Good Friday & Easter is officially Peeps Saturday.

FP's Peep diorama came in the form of a Pina Colada flavored cake, topped with coconut 'grass' and a gruesome scene of Peep on Peep violence. I particularly liked the use of cinnamon imperials to create bloody gashes - and the smashed Cadbury creme eggs strewn about. The perpetrator (Peepetrator?) is a yellow chick (the one with the toothpick in hit's wing) and it's succeeded in slaughtering all the other Peeps, except one lone bunny Peep - who's valiantly protecting the biggest egg.

Did I mention the cake was delicious, too? Moist and flavorful, thanks in part to Malibu Rum.

The guys brought their own Peep display, on a platter Mark made himself (he's a potter). It featured the big Kahuna Peep and a quintet of Peep hula dancers complete with leis and grass skirts. They're all lounging in a beach of sugar sand, under drink umbrellas - and sharing the beach with an array of tropical fish, honu (sea turtles) and devil ducks.

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Same Same But Different-A travel spot. said...

Thanks for the great time! The food was great and the movie was absolutely terrible. Success!