Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maya's Authentic Mexican Food

Today we crawled out of bed and made it out for a late lunch at Maya's Restaurant in Rainier Beach, just south of us on Rainier Ave. We've heard good things from friends in the 'hood, so thought we'd give it a try.

Thing started off well with chips, salsa and bean dip! The salsa was a little bland, but we mostly focused our attentions on the beans.

Dan tried the Pollo Asado ($12.99), so he could compare against our usual spot, El Sombrero. He said it was good, but he didn't seem as enthusiastic as our first trip to El Sombrero when he tried their version. He also had a margarita, which came in two glasses (a standard glass, plus a small glass of extra). The generosity was nice, but the mess that Dan made trying to pour the extra into the glass to drink it wasn't.

I went for the Camerones A La Diabla ($13.99), and it was essentially what I expected (shrimp, mushrooms, peppers, onions, carrots in a red sauce, plus rice & beans), but again not spicy at all. Definitely not 'Hot and Spicy' as advertised. Thankfully, Dan had a roasted jalapeno on his plate that we split, so we could add a little heat to our dishes. We also got a generous serving of flour tortillas to share - though we weren't given any option of flour or corn, and Dan prefers corn.

When we went to pay, it turned out the credit card machine was broken, so we had to use the ATM next to the register - which meant paying the charge for the machine and the charge our bank would levy against us, which was disappointing. We weren't sure how much to take out, since we were never given a bill - but thankfully we guessed correctly and were able to pay.

All in all, the food was okay, the atmosphere was cheerful (except for the angry woman at a nearby table demanding more meat), but the service was sporadic and the payment issue ended things on a bad note. Given it's roughly equidistant to Maya's or El Sombrero from our place, I have a feeling we'll be headed to 'The Hat' the next time we're craving Mexican favorites or margaritas.

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