Thursday, April 29, 2010

Africa Lounge @ SeaTac Airport

On our way out of town today, Dan & I grabbed dinner at the Africa Lounge inside Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Dan has had a hankering for a hot dog for awhile, so he went for a simple dog with mustard. I thought I wanted a burger, but then the pulled pork sandwich sounded better. Each came with a bag of potato chips and a pickle. Since most of my pulled pork experiences are Kalua pig, I was a little surprised by how wet with BBQ sauce the pork was, and that I had to eat it with a fork. It lacked the smokiness of Kalua pig, and instead was rather sweet - but still hit the spot. The service was prompt and friendly, though I was thrown off by our waiter's joking around at first - I ordered a Stella, and he looked at me deadpan and said "Are you sure?", as if I was making a terrible mistake.

Given that there are a bunch of pubs and eateries to choose from in the airport - and the fact that you need a ticket to visit any of them - we might not be hitting Africa Lounge again any time soon, but if you're on Concourse A, it's not a bad spot to grab a drink and a bite before your flight.

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