Friday, April 30, 2010

Wipe Out Bar & Grill

After checking out sharks and rays and octopus and stuff at the Aquarium of the Bay, we played around with Dan's phone for awhile to try to find a spot for lunch, and decided to go old school instead: walk around. We checked out the spots along the pier, and Wipeout Bar & Grill caught Dan's eye - something to do with the surfboards, I think.

Their menu looked good - a range of Tex-Mex, pizza, burgers and other stuff - so we went inside. Again, I thought I wanted a burger, but then saw an ahi salad and went for that instead (maybe it had something to do with watching all the fish at the aquarium beforehand).

I was really pleasantly surprised by the salad when I tasted it - a mix of greens and pickled ginger with rare seared ahi tuna and a wasabi dressing. The pickled ginger really stood out and made the salad.

Dan stuck with his first inclination - nachos - and ordered them with chicken. I gave them a taste and they were pretty standard fare.

One of the oddest things about the restaurant is their unisex bathroom - with sinks in a common area, and individual water closets. I walked right past the entrance (a big red & white striped tent) to ask where the restrooms were, and thankfully got a warning about the unisex thing before I walked in.

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