Monday, May 17, 2010


I met up with Dan after work today at the University to see his new office, meet some of his coworkers, and run errands at U Village. Afterwards, we headed over to the original Burgermaster for a little fast-food nostalgia.

I have memories of being taken to Burgermaster as a special treat by my grandparents - I think riding in their truck. (My mom can probably affirm or correct this memory for me.) Back then, I believe it was still a true drive-in, with carhops that took our order and brought it out to clip on your window.

The carhops are gone, but little else seems to have changed.

The longhorn steer logo is still emblazoned on the bright yellow trays, the mustard still only comes in little plastic packets, and you have to pump your ketchup into little plastic cups. I certainly wouldn't call it a 'green' establishment, but the food is much better than the national chains.

Dan and I weren't disappointed with our Baconmaster burgers and crispy fries, and I indulged in a Tom & Jerry shake. When I was a kid, I surely thought that was a reference to the Hanna/Barbera cartoon of that name - not realizing it's a milkshake version of the holiday cocktail. Either way, it tastes like eggnog but is available year-round - big pluses in my book.

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what's cookin', good lookin'? said...

As I guessed, my Mom was able to fill in some details I didn't remember: "I don't remember you going with Dad in his truck but it isn't a surprise since if they were watching you Dad would do that. It was probably the Burger Master at 100th and Aurora up by Northgate where he would take you and it is still an eat in your car place. The one in the U district never was a drive-in from my memory."