Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trophy Cupcakes

On Friday, I acted fast enough to be one of the lucky folks who scored a Groupon for one dozen Trophy Cupcakes. Of the cupcakes I've tasted around town, Trophy remain my favorite - though perhaps the fact that they provided the cupcakes for our engagement party, and were really, really nice to work with has something to do with that preference. But regardless, they make a delicious, moist cupcake.

Today we were headed to Ballard to a housewarming for a good friend of ours, and decided to cash in our coupon and bring the cupcakes to the party.

We stopped at the Trophy location in Wallingford Center, and had them box up a mixed dozen - which was perfect, as they had 11 different flavors available today (excluding the higher price point specialty cupcakes, like S'mores, Tiger Tails and Margarita).

The mix included Vanilla Chocolate, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Vanilla, Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate Chip Mint, Lemon Coconut, Hummingbird (banana cake w/ pineapple frosting), Snowball (chocolate cake with coconut) and Macaroon.

Folks at the party seemed to enjoy the cupcakes (Dan & I included), though I was most fascinated with how our 8yo friend Otis ate his. He slowly licked the frosting, getting plenty on his face in the process, and barely nibbling the cake at all. Then, once the frosting was all gone, he tried to pawn the naked cake off on his Mom. Given that the most common adult complaint about cupcakes is that they have too much frosting and are too sweet, and that kids seem to focus their efforts on the frosting, maybe I should start a business selling frostingless cupcakes and tubes of frosting separately. Then Otis could just squeeze a frosting tube into his mouth.

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