Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flying Squirrel Pizza

Tonight we headed out to Columbia City to hit Bob's Meats, but found it closed at 6pm, 18 minutes before we arrived. So we discussed options and decided to go to Flying Squirrel Pizza instead.

My meal started with a Lactaid, because I decided to try something I've been eying on the menu but never ordered before...

A Guinness Ice Cream Float! ($5.50) They use Molly Moon Vanilla ice cream for their floats, and it was definitely creamy and delicious, adding sweetness to the Guinness balanced it nicely.

Dan & I split a large Spinach Salad ($8), which was packed with flavors in the form of bacon, bleu cheese and walnuts, and was a hefty portion even for two.

Then we dove into a Corleone pizza ($17.50) - one of the current specials, featuring Rapini and Fennel Sausage for a notably bitter, but incredibly fresh taste.

As always, the place was packed to the gills, but the service didn't suffer and was just as friendly and quick as always - which will keep us going back.

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