Monday, May 24, 2010

Plaza Garcia Take-out Disappointment

Dan ran out tonight to get some Mexican takeout for us from our neighborhood family Mexican restaurant - Plaza Garcia.

I hopped on Urbanspoon to figure out what I wanted, and decided on the Enchilada Garcia with Refried Beans as the filling.

Dan returned and said the experience was a little strange. He had to sit for awhile before being helped, and he said the staff were a little frenetic and confused. He was asked repeatedly what kind of meat I wanted in my Bean Enchilada.

What I ended up with for over $10 was a small cheese 'enchilada' with no beans and almost no sauce. Essentially, it was a gummy flour tortilla rolled around congealed cheese, covered in more congealed cheese, and topped with lettuce, tomato, sour cream and guacamole. The enchilada sauce was negligible, and I could barely cut through it with a fork (a metal fork). I was expecting a warm, soft, flavorful enchilada - and I got a luke warm quesadilla. Definitely a disappointment. The portion was also small considering the price and our previous experiences there with very generous portions. Dan's chimichanga was also half the size of what he's received ordering the same item in the past.

Dan mentioned he thought the management might've changed, given who was working, the confusion, and a new liquor license permit application in the window. I did a little searching and found that Plaza Garcia officially lost their liquor license on 5/7/2010, but Los Tinos Mexican Restaurant (at the same address) submitted their application for a liquor license on 4/21/2010.

So it appears that Plaza Garcia has changed hands, and is in the process of becoming Los Tinos - with some growing pains in the transition. That would explain why my ordering off the old (or soon to be old) menu caused confusion. From now on, we'll probably stick with El Sombrero - where we know what to expect and can rely on consistent quality.

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