Tuesday, May 25, 2010

El Sombrero Enchilada

Since our Mexican food cravings weren't really satisfied last night, and I was feeling well enough for an outing this evening, Dan & I headed to Columbia City for some comfort food a la El Sombrero.

I got an enchilada and a tamale combo ($9.99) - both with chicken, and was very happy with both. As I've said in the past, people's tastes and preferences regarding Mexican food are all over the map - but El Sombrero makes the kind of Mexican food Dan & I grew up eating here in the Northwest, so it's what we crave. In an attempt to classify it, I call it 'Family Mexican' food, as it seems that it's the type of Mexican food served at restaurants that say "Family Mexican Restaurant" at the end of their name. I'm not sure if it draws from any specific region in Mexico, or particular US influences (like Tex-Mex), but I don't really care - I just know I love it.

Dan decided to try something new - the Chile Colorado ($12.99) - and definitely enjoyed it. The sauce was rich and a little spicy, and there was plenty left over for him to take for lunch tomorrow.

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