Saturday, June 5, 2010

White Satin

Dan & I worked our butts off in the yard this morning, then decided to reward ourselves with a trip down to Rainforest Cafe & Bahama Breeze - our dirty little them restaurant secrets that we neither feel dirty about nor keep secretive.

At RC we had our usual bartender who recognizes us right away (yes, we're officially regulars at the Rainforest Cafe bar) and remembered what we like to drink.

And at Bahama Breeze, we showed up just as a new seating area in the bar opened up, around the fire pit, and got a nice table by the open windows where we could enjoy the sunshine and the tropical landscaping. The service was great, as usual, and the food was delicious, but one thing stood out that I couldn't resist sharing:

White Satin

One of the most unique & delicious cocktails I've had, the White Satin is a mix of coconut rum, coconut milk, orange liqueur and ginger. It truly has a satiny mouth-feel and the ginger/coconut combination has a freshness that balances out what would seem like a heavy combination of ingredients.

It's not the manliest of names, however, nor is the description on the menu very macho:

But it's damn good, and I'm not too proud to indulge in a little White Satin. And I like to imagine a commercial for it from 1983 with shots of Dynasty-styled ladies sipping them at some opulent manor house, intercut with billowy white drapes, all with a voice whispering "white satin" again and again.

Close up on her diamond ring encrusted, French manicured hand resting at the base of the cocktail glass.

"white satin"

Long shot of men in all white playing polo while riding all white horses.

"white satin"

Close-up on her mouth sipping the drink.

"white satin"


wendy marguerite said...

Dan, I love your blog. The range of restaurants and experiences is so delightfully surprising and truly adventurous. This Bahama Breeze/Rainforest Cafe post totally took me by surprise.


what's cookin', good lookin'? said...

Glad you like it! Thanks for reading and commenting :)