Saturday, July 17, 2010

Al Fresco @ El Camino

Ruth, Paul, Dan & I were invited to a tequila themed party this evening in Fremont, so decided to meet up beforehand for dinner at El Camino Regional Mexican Restaurant to whet our appetites.

It turns out Ruth & Paul had their first date at El Camino over ten years ago, yet Dan & I had never been (and I'd never even heard of it). It was a good reminder that this city is full of amazing food and excellent restaurants I have yet to try. And on one of the first sunny days in Seattle, outdoor dining was a perfect choice.

After ordering a round of margaritas, we shared the Tostones de Platano Macho con Guacamole - a plate of fresh salsa and guacamole topped with fried slices of plantain.

It wasn't what I know as 'tostones' - twice-fried, smashed plantain rounds - but regardless, the plantain slices were perfectly cooked, crisp, salty, and a great mechanism for delivering the great fresh dips to our mouths. It was also a beautiful dish full of color and visual interest.

I had a heavy lunch (Hawaiian food at a hula fest down in Burien), so I went for an appetizer for dinner - Quesadillas de Camarones.

The quesadilla was made with hand made corn tortillas, which has quickly become my new favorite thing. I'm a little worried that they'll ruin pre-fab tortillas for me forever, given how quick and easy they are to make, and how much flavor and texture they offer. These shrimp quesadillas were no exception.

Dan was similarly stuffed from some kalua pig at lunch, so he went for the ceviche, while Ruth & Paul shared an order of the shrimp quesadillas and some carne asada tacos.

The plantain/guacamole appetizer was definitely the highlight of the meal, though our full bellies kept us from really trying out the menu with full entrees or desserts - many of which looked very tasty. Our waiter took wonderful care of us, not just delivering our food and drinks, but taking the time to engage us with individual eye contact that stood out to all of us.

With an enticing menu of fresh, simple, Mexican dishes, great service, and delicious cocktails, we'll certainly keep El Camino on the short list when dining in Fremont.

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