Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alki's Bamboo Bar & Grill

Awhile back, my inbox was filled with an email touting "50% Off Tiki Bar and Restaurant". If you know me, you know that piqued my curiosity, and it turns out the email (from LivingSocial) was a deal for Bamboo Bar & Grill in Alki.

Today turned out to be a beautiful 80+ degree day in Seattle, so when the heat got to be too much for us to keep working in the yard, Dan & I made our way over to Alki.

We started things off with an appetizer of Coconut Shrimp and a couple cocktails (a Bamboo Blue for Dan & an Alki Pink Lemonade for me). The cocktails quenched our thirsts and the shrimp took the edge off our hunger. I really liked that the shrimp were butterflied prior to being battered and fried - increasing the coconut to shrimp ratio and making for a tasty, crispy bite.

Another round of drinks (a Mai Tai for Dan & a See Ya Later Alligator for me) accompanied our dinner to the table.

Dan had been reading the seemingly endless menu online and was looking forward to a burger, and he wasn't disappointed. He went for the Blue Cheese & Bacon Burger, with fries.

The patty had the irregular shape that clearly shows it was hand formed, and it was cooked to perfection - juicy, flavorful and thick. The blue cheese was something Dan hadn't had before, and he really liked the creaminess it added, particularly with the crispy bacon.

Since I had a burger yesterday at The Ram (though it was disappointing), I went for a slightly lighter option: the Crab Cake Burger. The aioli on it could've been spicier for my taste, but it was a good solid sandwich. And the fries were big and crispy on the outside - reminding us of the bottomless variety at Red Robin.

The place was packed and - maybe it was the drunk lady at the next table hollering that it was her birthday - but we had a hard time not getting swept up in the high energy party atmosphere. It reminded us a little of a bar in Vegas or an airport bar, but the beachy, tiki decor is all Hawaii. The staff sometimes had a hard time handling the rush of customers, but we never waited long for anything, everyone was very friendly, and all our food and drinks were great. With seats right by the window looking out on the water, you don't mind a little extra time to people watch and feel the warm glow of the sun.

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