Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Geraldine's Counter

Our weekly post-Farmers Market date night tonight took us to Geraldine's Counter.

Although it's possibly the most popular spot in Columbia City, Dan & I have only been once before - long ago. On weekends, they have a line out the door for their brunches, which has led us to shy away from going. But tonight there were some open tables and booths and no wait.

I was fighting a migraine that I'd beaten back with some Relpax and Cyclobenzaprine, so was feeling good enough to eat dinner out, but not great - so we picked a booth near the back where it would be cool and a little darker.

I waffled a bit between ordering the fish & chips or the mac & cheese (perhaps due to my love of the ampersand), but landed on the mac & cheese, billed as the best you'll ever have, and featuring tomatoes and jalapenos in the mix. I have to say it wasn't the best I've ever had, and I was expecting more of a kick from the jalapenos - but I always seem to want foods spicier. The portion was on the small side, though for only $8, very reasonably priced.

Dan went for the Turkey Meatball sandwich with sweet potato fries. The sandwich was nice and big - so much so that he opted to use his knife & fork to eat it, to avoid getting sauce everywhere. I got a bite of the meatball, too - and it was moist and very flavorful.

Both our server and the owner (who stopped by a couple times to check in) were very attentive and friendly, and I only wish I'd been feeling better... and ordered the fish & chips. I also wish the kids at the next table were using their inside voices, rather than harassing the waiter at full volume. But then again, when I have a migraine, everything sounds a lot louder than it really is - so maybe they were harassing the waiter about his personal life quietly.

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