Friday, August 6, 2010

Quinn's Pub

A mutual friend of Serenity & I (Reuben) is in town this weekend, so after work today I walked up to Capitol Hill to meet Dan, Serenity & James for a bite to eat before meeting up with Reuben, his boyfriend, and a couple other friends.

Dan was craving burgers, so we headed over to Quinn's - which has been getting lots of great press (in addition to the occasional protester thanks to the seared foie gras on their menu).

I went for a Wagyu Beef Cheek Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, which was incredible. The meat was so tender, I had a hard time pacing myself. Thankfully, I shared half the sandwich with Seren & James, so that slowed me down.

Dan got his burger, topped with bacon and cheese and made from a half-pound of Painted Hills Farm in Oregon. I got a bite and it was really well cooked and very juicy. It was even topped with a little pink cow indicating it was medium rare.

We also tried out the Marrow Bones - a split bone roasted so that the marrow becomes a meat jam of sorts, then topped with a sweet jelly and served with baguette.

The meat jam reminded Seren & I of the very first episode of Powderpuff Girls, where Fuzzy Lumpkins loses the Annual Townsville Mall Jam Contest because his Meat Jam tastes like dog food - causing him to go crazy and use a meat gun to turn everyone & everything in town into cuts of meat.

I'm fairly certain if Fuzzy Lumpkin's meat jam had tasted like Quinn's roasted marrow, he could've won the blue ribbon.

Seren ordered one of the few non-meat options - a chickpea sandwich that reminded me of a falafel, but lighter in texture.

And after we were all finished with dinner, James & I decided to indulge in the Chocolate Nemesis.

Though my photo doesn't do it justice (the sun was going down and the restaurant isn't particularly well lit), it was a beautiful dessert of chocolate mousse over a shortbread cookie.

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