Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kings Donuts

Dan & I woke up this morning talking about donuts, and he was officially the best husband ever when he showered and got dressed (while I lazed around on the couch) and told me he was going to go get us donuts from Kings Donuts in Rainier Beach.

We've driven by Kings many times, as it sits in the parking lot of the closest large grocery store (and more to the point, the closest liquor store) - but had never tried it. They serve teriyaki and donuts, which seems like an odd combo, but apparently a winning one.

In a recent Seattle Donut Taste-off coordinated by blogger Wright Eats, Kings won first place for their Glazed, and second place for both their Plain and their Apple Fritter, competing against local favorites like Top Pot, Mighty-O and Frost.

For my first taste, Dan picked me up their Apple Fritter, which absolutely lived up to the hype.

King Donuts on Urbanspoon

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