Friday, October 1, 2010

Quest for a Reuben Sandwich

I put lunch off a little too long today, and didn't have leftovers to warm up, so I had to venture out of my cubicle to hunt for something to eat.

First, I turned to Foodspotting, and saw a delicious looking sandwich that was geotagged to just a block away. I walked over to where it was theoretically waiting for me, only to discover that the address had been entered incorrectly and the sandwich of my iPhone app dreams was not in the cards. So I began to wander.

Next I found a spot called Simon's Naturally - a hand-carved meat sandwich shop that seemed like just the thing. I waited in the slow-moving line and ordered a Reuben. But they were out of saurkraut, so I stepped out of the line, decided on the Portobello Dip instead, and got back in the line to wait to order. A few minutes later I asked for the dip, and they were apparently out of mushrooms. So I left. I guess Friday at 1pm is not the time to visit Simon's Naturally, as they're running out of stock already.

Finally, I found myself at the NYC Deli. I stepped up to the register and ordered a Reuben, only to be told I had to order from the guy 10 feet to my left. So I walked over to him and ordered, then waited. When my sandwich was ready, I then waited for the woman at the register to finish her conversation with a friend before I could be rung up and get back to my desk to shovel the sandwich down before a meeting.

In the end, the sandwich was okay - toasted on the outside, pannini-style, and light on the thousand-island dressing. I might've enjoyed it more if it hadn't been such a challenge to get it, so I'll have to go back to Simon's and NYC Deli when I'm feeling less rushed... sometime before 1pm on a Friday.

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