Friday, October 15, 2010

Frugal Fridays: Mulitas - Checked off the Guide

After months of obsessively uploading everything I eat out to Foodspotting, I finally decided to create some 'Guides' on the site - culinary tours or challenges, where you list foods at restaurants, and then people can try to collect a badge for your guide by eating and posting pictures of the items. There weren't many created for Seattle yet, so I thought I'd make some, if for no other reason than to give myself some ideas of items to try, or remind myself of restaurants I've been meaning to check out.

Inspired by the tasty carne asada tacos Dan & I had with Ruth & Paul in White Center, my first guide is of Seattle Street Eats, including those tacos from Taqueria La Fondita II, as well as things like Poutine from Skillet, Beignets from Where Ya At Matt?, and Spam Musubi from the brand new Motosurf truck on the UW campus. I'm a food truck novice, so creating this list forced me to do some research of what's out there, and inspired me to try to find opportunities to try more street meats and sweets.

Today turned out to be my first chance to begin checking things off the guide, as I worked from home after a morning doctor appointment. Every day I pass by Tacos El Asadero - a converted school bus that serves Mexican street food right next to the Othello Link Light Rail station at Othello & MLK. Since I walk by in the morning and evening when I'm going to home to make dinner, it's never a time when a quick snack makes sense. But today I hopped in the car and drove over to get the item I'd put on the guide: Mulitas.

I actually had no idea what mulitas were, but found reviews of El Asadero that recommended them, so that's what I put in the guide. Turns out mulitas are kinda like mini quesadillas - two small flour tortillas with cheese and meat sandwiched in between. I figured as long as I was being adventurous, I might as well go all the way, so I ordered mine with tongue - lengua.

The two little mulitas were a perfect lunch, and a bargain at just $1.50 each. The tongue was cut into little cubes and was tender and flavorful. I'll definitely order them again in the future, and will be back to El Asadero to try more of their menu. The next item might very well be lengua again, as the second Guide I created, titled Offal-y Tasty Seattle (a guide to dishes featuring offal and other 'extra bits') features the Lengua Tacos at El Asadero.

Tacos El Asadero on Urbanspoon

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