Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mushroom & Beef Bacon Quiche

Our good friend and culinary compatriot Jason gave us a bag full of chanterelle mushrooms he picked on a day trip, and tonight we finally made use of them as part of a quiche.

I hesitate to call it a quiche, since I packed the pie crust with so many fillings that I could barely add any eggs. I started with some beef bacon that Alan from Olsen Farms recommended to us, which I cut into thin strips and fried in a little butter (as beef bacon has much less fat than pork bacon). After removing the bacon from the pan, I added sliced onions and cooked those down until soft. Finally, I added a few more pats of butter to the pan and cooked down a 'chef's mix' of mushrooms Dan picked up at the store, plus the beautiful, golden chanterelles. Everything went into the pie crust I'd already baked, then topped with a few eggs mixed with a little milk (we didn't have any cream around). The final touch was putting slices of fresh mozzarella on top, and then into the oven for about an hour.

The amount of filling made this more of a pie than a quiche, as there wasn't enough space for the egg to really fill in between everything and bind it together. But it turned out delicious, and I loved how the mozzarella created a golden crust on top. The individual types of mushrooms tumbled out of the pie as I ate it, so that I could taste and enjoy the different flavors - which was perfect.

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