Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pizza for the People!

After a stop at Big Al's Brewery for a round of beers, we made our way up to the main drag of their neighborhood - 16th Ave SW - which boasts a burgeoning restaurant, shopping and pub scene, not least of which being Proletariat Pizza.

Like many of our other stops in our White Center tour, Ruth & Paul knew the owners and we were warmly welcomed. After a pitcher of Belgian Whit beer was procured, we put our order in for their 'The Favorite' pizza (Italian sausage, fresh chopped garlic, Mama Lil’s peppers) and 'The REAL Hawaiian'. I think Ruth was as excited to share Proletariat's take on a Hawaiian pizza wish us as Dan & I were to try it. Instead of Canadian Bacon (which is about as non-Hawaiian as you get), they pair pineapple with SPAM for a much more decadent, flavorful and truly Hawaiian pie. I think the only thing that could make it more Hawaiian would be Kalua Pig - which is surprisingly not a lot of work and stores really well in the freezer (in case any local pizza joint's wanna make me super happy).

I could see why Proletariat get's such high ratings from even the toughest pizza snobs: The pizza's are unique, flavorful, loaded with toppings, well made, and served with a smile.

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