Saturday, October 2, 2010

Full Tilt Boogie

Our last culinary stop of the tour was at White Center's Full Tilt Ice Cream. Dan & I have been to the Columbia City location previously, thanks to the Antos family, but this spot has something their other locations lack: Skeeball!!!

After getting some advice from their friend behind the counter on what to do in NYC, we all got some ice cream. I couldn't resist trying the Absinthe (a wonderfully mild flavor), while Dan gave the Thai Tea a go (much more bold but equally good). One hand full of cream, we took our turns at the Skee Ball game, with Paul whooping us all. Then Dan let loose on the Wacky Gator game, in what could easily be described as a case of "He doesn't know his own strength". I thought he was trying to really smash the little gators to smithereens.

After ice cream, we made our way over to The Triangle for beer and karaoke - which was a blast. Awesome hosts and amazing performers, with two components that make karaoke great: a HUGE book and not one but TWO wireless microphones. Me and another bar patron ended up doing a duet version of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' that made full use of the mics and left me with a strained throat. Well worth it, and a wonderful end to a wonderful night. Ruth & Paul were amazing hosts, and I hope we'll find ourselves in their 'hood again soon.

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