Friday, October 22, 2010

Rebranding Is Everything

This week I made a visit to a restaurant just down the street from my office, which I've visited a few times before. The first time I visited, it was the Frontier Cafe - serving great pulled pork and other sandwiches. The next time, the sign still read Frontier Cafe, but the menu was clearly transitioning to more traditional Vietnamese fare. Today, the transformation is complete, and Mimosa Cafe is clearly the hot new Bahn Mi shop in Seattle's financial district.

I ordered the Tofu Bahn Mi again (it was what I had during my second visit), and was again delighted by perfectly fried, generous chunks of tofu in warm, soft bread, with all the fixin's (jalapeno, cilantro, etc). And again it was paired with a little bowl of chicken congee - though this time he checked if I was vegetarian before including it (something I was surprised they didn't do the last time I visited). Service is quick, and the prices are fair - though not the bargain basement pricing folks are accustomed to in the International District, just a short walk South.

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