Friday, November 26, 2010

Dan's Birthday Breakfast at Geraldine's Counter

After the Thanksgiving feasting and karaoke in our tiki bar, Dan's folks stayed the night in the guest room. This morning, we all got up and headed to Columbia City for some brunch.

Dan had hoped to go to Verve, but forgot that since it was a Friday, the brunch options would be limited - and not include Verve, it turns out. We ended up at Geraldine's Counter.

I got the biscuits and gravy, and Dan got the Emerald Scramble. I've definitely had better biscuits and gravy elsewhere, and was bothered that the servers cut between our table and the next one, bumping my chair (which was as pushed in as I could get it) every few minutes.

I'm still baffled why they have a line out the door every weekend for brunch, when Verve & Lottie's Lounge offer better service and (IMHO) better food. I guess I'll count myself happy that the places I like to go aren't busy, huh?

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