Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our First Thanksgiving!

We hosted our first Thanksgiving this year, and like a crazy person I made darn near everything from scratch.

I baked two types of bread for two types of stuffing (cornbread & sausage and herbed bread stuffing).

Dan & I made two pies (his famous mac nut and a veganized version of Happleberry for my Mom).

I made an apple/cranberry relish with hazelnuts.

I made turkey stock that we used to make gravy to go over the mashed potatoes.

And I roasted a whole turkey using the butter & wine technique Martha Stewart recommends. I even tucked sage leaves (from our garden) under the skin before baking, like the folks at HerbFarm told us.

Plus I made a turkey roulade and a field roast 'celebration loaf' to make sure guests with specific food needs had enough to eat.

Add to that Jennifer's Green Bean Casserole, Carolyn's Sweet Potatoes, Lisa's fruit salad, my Mom's homemade rolls, Midge's pumpkin pies and even more pies my sister brought, and it was a feast indeed.

And everything turned out great... except I forgot to take a single picture of any of it. Thankfully, Dan took a couple shots with his phone.

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