Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jamjuree Reunion

Our pal Carey moved to Portland a few years back, and we miss her smiling face very, very much. She joined the cast of Capitol Hill High in it's later incarnations, portraying a pregnant cheerleader and a gothic substitute teacher - and she definitely brought a special joy to the cast.

Tonight she was in town and we got the chance to meet up with her and Jayson at Jamjuree - in our old-old neighborhood (15th Ave on Capitol Hill). So it was a reunion with her, as well as with Jamjuree - which used to be a staple of our diets.

I was particularly excited that they had a Pumpkin dish on the menu - Pad Pumpkin, to be exact. It was mighty tasty, and fulfilled my pumpkin fix.

Dan opted for a red curry...

And Jayson had Phad Thai, which they serve with the egg on top - making it look like some sort of Thai omelette. I didn't snap a photo of Carey's dish, but everyone seemed to enjoy what they ordered and most of all the company.

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