Monday, November 15, 2010

Mama Sambusa Kitchen

Walking home the other day, I noticed that Grubz Grill (the burger/chicken joint that shared a parking lot with a car wash) had changed to Mama Sambusa Kitchen - an African spot specializing in Sambusas.

Sambusas are a lot like the Indian Samosas, and I imagine their similar names point to a similar food ancestry - though I wonder which came first?

I went for the Sambusa Combo - which turned out to be a HUGE amount of food, including a half-dozen sambusas, a ton of really amazing rice pilaf w/ peas and raisins and other tasty things, and a green salad. I arrived a little late for lunch, so they were short on sambusas and had to make some up from scratch - so the wait was long, but well worth it. As promised, everything was delicious. The staff were really nice and I kicked back in the dining room watching CSI on the TV while I waited, then took my food home. I could only eat about a third of it, so packed the rest up for later.

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