Saturday, January 22, 2011

Your New Favorite Uncle

Ruth & Paul invited Dan & I to White Center for another tour of the hot spots. The Company (opening this week) wasn't ready for us, but we did check out Marv's Broiler (a bar with great service and frosty pint glasses), and then headed to Uncle Mike's Barbecue for some dinner.

Uncle Mike barbecues meat beautifully, with everything from brisket and pulled pork to chicken and hot links on the menu - but he fell in love with a vegetarian. It's like a Romeo & Juliet story, with a delicious ending. And his Juliet made sure the menu has something for everyone, resulting in The Queen's Delight sandwich (smoked mushrooms & eggplant) and a BBQ Tofu sandwich that I went for, which includes flavorful tofu, plus lots of veggies. I definitely didn't miss the meat.

Each entree item comes with a choice of side, so I went with the greens - a buttery mix of chopped collards.

Dan opted for the BBQ Chicken Sandwich, also with the greens.

While Paul eschewed carbs and went for the BBQ Chicken meal, with greens and beans as sides.

And Ruth selected the very delicious looking Pulled Pork Sandwich, with beans.

The portions were great, the prices were more than reasonable, and the service couldn't be beat. I always feel like a visiting dignitary when we hit the town in White Center with Ruth & Paul, cuz they know all the restaurateurs.

In lieu of an evening of beers, jello-shots & karaoke at the Triangle, we stopped in at Full Tilt after dinner for a treat. I was torn between a couple options (Vegan Ube was my second runner-up), but I decided on a kid's scoop of the Vegan Vietnamese Cinnamon, which was creamy and delicious. And I washed it down with a Rainier Tall-boy. Cuz that's how we roll in South Seattle.

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