Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chowder & a Movie

Dan & I headed down to Southcenter Mall (I refuse to call it Westfield) to catch another Oscar contender - The King's Speech. But beforehand, we grabbed a bite at the Duke's ChowderHouse at the mall.

The lunch menu items were all surprisingly bulky, but I found an appetizer that sounded like good, light fare - Tuna Wasabi Quesadilla. It combined marinated yellowfin tuna with cucumber pico de gallo inside a flour tortilla, and was paired with a "wasabi" mayo and a black bean & corn salad (served in a little fried tortilla bowl). I appreciated the mayo being on the side, but found the quesadilla lacked anything to really hold it all together. Though the wasabi wasn't really discernible - lacking the kick I expected - it was still a tasty lunch.

Dan went for the lunch special - a half a cod sandwich and a bowl of chowder, which we were surprised to find came with a big pile of fries. Even when you try to eat lighter, restaurants sneak fries onto your plate. And who can resist a crispy, crunchy french fry? I had to eat one. but only one.

After lunch, we still had a little to kill before the movie started, so Dan showed me Seafood City - a new Filipino supermarket inside the Southcenter mall, with TONS of fresh seafood and some pretty exotic produce. And they have a variety of tea eggs, including duck! If you ever need beef bile, a variety of bittermelon options, or quail eggs, Seafood City is the place to go.

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