Monday, February 7, 2011

Post Hot Ponds Luquin's Fix

After soaking at two different hot ponds (the well known Ahalanui, plus a little one at Isaac Hale Park), we drove into Pahoa town for some lunch at Luquin's Mexican Restaurant.

We arrived right around midday, and the place was hopping. We grabbed a table and were quickly served some fresh chips and salsa, and got our drink order in: two Lilikoi Margaritas with Li Hing Mui rims. They make them great here.

The hot pond at Isaac Hale was full of tiny red shrimp (the same kind used to feed baby seahorses at the Ocean Rider seahorse farm here on the Big Island). And perhaps that worked up Dan's appetite, cuz he went for a plate of two Shrimp Tacos with Rice & Beans.

And maybe swimming with the fishes (in the Hawaii sense of the term, not the Mafia one) gave me a hankering for some fish tacos, myself? Whatever the inspiration, the shrimp and fish tacos were really good (we swapped a taco, so we each got one of each).

With the exception of the weird no-alcohol incident, all our visits to Luquin's have been great - with delicious food, friendly service, a relaxed atmosphere and tasty margaritas.

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