Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beat the Bridge Brunch @ Kona Kitchen

Today was the 'Beat the Bridge' 8K run to benefit juvenile diabetes research, and my husband, two of his sisters, our nephew and and some of their friends all ran... and all beat the bridge! (I was going to run, too, but had to stop training when I got sick - so will instead be running the 5K Race for the Cure next month.)

I slept in, but did do 30 minutes of 'Free Run' on the Wii at the same time they started their 8K. After the race, I met up with the cold and wet runners at Kona Kitchen, an awesome Hawaiian restaurant in the Maple Leaf/Ravenna neighborhood. We were extra lucky to have Angela working - a friend we met through our participation with the Live Aloha Festival. She took great care of us, and gave me some of the scoop on her wedding - planned for next May.

Most of the group opted for breakfast foods - Eggs Benedict, Hawaiian Sweet Bread French Toast, and Pancakes, all of which sounded enticing - but Dan & I decided to go for some lunch options.

Dan got the North Shore Plate Lunch - a big heaping plate of Chicken Katsu, with mac salad, two scoops of white rice (the plate lunch classics), PLUS two spring rolls. The spring rolls are an extra touch that I've only seen Kona Kitchen do.

I also got a plate lunch - the Banzai Pipeline - with all the standards and Teri Chicken.

I figured I should get either the Mochiko or the Teri Chicken, in honor of the newest members of our household - Mochi, Teri, and Huli the chickens. Yes, we named our chickens after Hawaiian chicken dishes. What else?

Here's a pic of Teri - currently the runt, though she may end up being the prettiest, as Golden Laced Wyandottes have beautiful feather patterns.

The generous portions at Kona Kitchen were just what our group needed to get their energy back up (and to warm up) after the race. I could've probably stopped at half my plate, but it was so good I had a hard time stopping. Brunch was delicious and I'm very proud of Dan, Lisa, Jenn, Blake and the whole group for running 5 miles in the pouring rain to support such a great cause. Maybe Dan & I will have to head back to Kona Kitchen after the Race for the Cure... any excuse for some tasty Hawaiian food, great service, and comfortable atmosphere.

(If you'd like to donate to the Race for the Cure, check out my page.)

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