Monday, May 16, 2011

Suprise Lunch w/ Dad @ Bad Monkey Bistro

Dan & I were stuffed after our brunch yesterday, so I ended up not making the lamb chops for dinner we'd planned on - meaning I had no leftovers for lunch today.

By some cosmic-synergy-coincidence, my Dad happened to call today to see if I wanted to grab lunch. Turns out he was working in a building about 1 block away! We popped across the street to Bad Monkey Bistro.

Our server, Kit, got us seated right away and let us know the special: a French Dip sandwich with house-made, reduced jus ("not the powder stuff"). My Dad was sold, and reported it was delicious, and that the layers of meat were cut paper thin, making it really tender.

My indulgent weekend pushed me toward the Asian Salmon Salad - which turned out to be a generous portion, but still not the gut bomb a burger or buffalo chicken sandwich might've been. It had plenty of salmon, a zesty, tangy vinaigrette (a word I have to spell check every time I write it), and lots of crispy "exploded noodles". It was definitely something I'd order again.

Bad Monkey looks like it might be a great happy hour spot - as the piano in the corner suggests they might do live music? I'll have to find out.

Dad & I had a great talk - as always - and then I took him to check out my new office, the spectacular view, and my office mates Darla and her Jack Russell, Taco, before he had to head back to work. I guess the 2 hours of commute each day has some upside, huh? Sounds like Dad's in the 'hood pretty often, so hopefully we'll get to grab lunch again sometime soon.

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