Friday, April 15, 2011

Palace Kitchen PreFunc

Dan & I met up with some friends from our supper club to check out the Rocky Horror Show (a stage rendition being done by several friends of ours), so beforehand I met Dan at Palace Kitchen for a light dinner and a cocktail. We had planned to meet at a bar in Belltown - but everyone seemed so darn young down there. When did we get so old?

I sipped on a couple Orange Spritz cocktails (bourbon meets creamsicle), and we ordered some bar food to tide us over. I couldn't resist the Fried Pig's ear after seeing the girls next to us order it. It was beautiful, and I can't resist trying offal dishes when the opportunity arises.

Our bartender likened them to tortilla chips crossed with beef jerky. The guy sitting next to us, who I convinced to try a little piece, said it reminded him of popcorn. His vegetarian date wasn't game, so I couldn't get her opinion. (I did love that he ordered a big, bloody steak.) The strips of fried ear were a little chewy, but no where near as much as a jerky, and it had tons of great pork flavor. I would order it again in a heartbeat.

I was more lukewarm about the Lavender and Goat Cheese Fondue, mostly because the apples served with it were mealy. I may have to try it again when apples are in their peak - rather than when we're all enjoying fruit that's been overwintering. Or maybe I'll just get a double order of ears - one for each side of my head, right?

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