Saturday, June 4, 2011

Carb Loading Courtesy of Padrino's Pizza

Tomorrow morning Dan & I will be getting up bright and early and heading down to meet a bunch of my coworkers and their loved ones for the Race for the Cure - a 5K to benefit Breast Cancer research. Although most folks are walking, we're running the 5K, so tonight, we carb load.

Conveniently enough, Padrino's Pizza just opened a new location on Rainier Ave S, giving us another delivery option.

We kicked things off with their 'Pepperoni Sticks', which are like pizza breadsticks with loads of pepperoni (rather than friend mozzarella sticks with pepperoni sticks inside, as I'd secretly hoped).

I went for the Bella pasta for my carb loading - a big pile of penne pasta with shrimp and goat cheese in a creamy sauce.

The pasta was good, but I would've preferred my shrimp to have the tails removed. Eating shrimp tails is like chewing glass - both seem to shred my gums - so I ended up detailing my shrimp by hand.

Dan got the classic spaghetti & meatballs with marinara. Both came with garlic bread, so we were plenty carb loaded by the time we were full (which came long before the food was gone).

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